User Agreement for Consultants

This User Agreement is related to the Nonprofit Builder website, which is operated by Imaginate Solutions Sàrl (Switzerland) (referred to henceforth as Imaginate) as a service to the participating foundations. Imaginate is the responsible entity with regards to this User Agreement.

Please take a moment to read this User Agreement carefully. If you have any questions about it, please contact us at [email protected]

Last updated: 11 February 2021


1. What is the Nonprofit Builder?


The Nonprofit Builder is a resource website for capacity building (organisational development) of nonprofit organisations. Its aim is to make it easier for foundation grantees to access capacity building support, and as part of a wider project to make nonprofit capacity building more efficient, collaborative and accessible. It currently contains a directory of vetted consultants who provide organisational development services to nonprofits, a sub directory consultants who participate in the Probono support programme, and a resource library.

The Nonprofit Builder has three types of users:

  1. Foundations: programme officers working from the member foundations,
  2. Grantees who have been invited by a member foundations to create an account 
  3. Consultants like yourself who have been invited to join by the member foundations.


2. Your user account and profile


As a consultant, you have a special user account which has a profile attached to it, so that you can advertise your services. The other types of users (foundations, nonprofits) do not have profiles.

You are are free to edit the content in your profile. You also agree to keep your profile up to date, so that it reflects your latest experience and geographical scope. 

You are also free to delete your profile at any time. You cannot do this yourself, so to do so just write to [email protected] and we'll do it for you.

There is no password, to login you simply enter your email and then you receive an access link via email. Your login is personal to you, please don't share it with anybody!

Please note that with your account you can invite your staff to join. They will receive a user account and will also be able to browse the databases, and they will receive newsletters and other updates from us. But they do not have a profile so they will not be visible in the directories. Please keep your staff list up to date and delete staff members who are no longer working for you.

You can also invite partners to join. Partners are like staff but they have a consultant profile that will appear in the directory. This allows you to have several profiles: you have your main company profile, but you can also highlight some of the consultants who work for you. We don't recommend to invite all your consultants to create profiles, but its fine to have a few to showcase your range of expertise and geographic scope. Please make sure your "partners" keep their profiles up to date, and delete them if they are no longer working for you.


3. Who can see your consultant profile?


Not everybody! Let us explain how it works. 

First of all, the Nonprofit Builder consultant directories are closed to the public. Only members who are logged in can access the consultant directories (members can be foundations, grantees, nonprofits, consultants).

Secondly, the Nonprofit Builder allows foundations to curate their own pool of consultants, based on the needs of their grantees or geographic scope. Each foundation has a "superuser" who is responsible to curate the foundation's pool, by inviting new consultants to join (invited consultants are automatically added to a foundation's pool) or by "liking" other consultants (when a superuser "likes" a consultant, that consultant and all its partners are then visibile to that foundation's grantees and staff).

So who can see your profile then?

  • Foundation super-users can see all the profiles and can therefore see yours.
  • Foundation staff can only see your profile if their foundation's superuser has added you to their pool.
  • Foundation grantees can only see your profile if they have been invited to create an account by their foundation, and if their foundation's superuser has added you to their pool.
  • Consultants (and their staff and partners) can see all the profiles and therefore they will see yours.
  • Nonprofits (and their staff) can also see all the profiles and therefore they will see yours.


4. How can a consultant join the Nonprofit Builder?


Joining the Nonprofit Builder as a consultant is strictly by invitation from one of the member foundations. This is because the main reason that foundations join the Nonprofit Builder is to access a pool of consultants they can trust in terms of professionalism, values, and commitment. And peer vetting, where each member foundation invites those it trusts, is the most effective way we have found to guarantee this quality to them.

The foundations invite consultants according to the following criteria:

  • The foundation or one of its grantees has a first hand experience with the consultant
  • The consultants are full time, and are dedicated to supporting civil society groups/NGOs 
  • The consulants are really good at what they do, are and a have a good track record.

In some cases, the foundation may ask the consultant for references, which will then be checked by Nonprofit Builder. Each foundation may decide what they need to do in order to feel comfortable enough to invite a consultant to join.

In some exceptional cases, the foundation may wish to invite a consultant without first hand experience, for example if there is an urgent need, or simply to give a chance to a promising consultant who has been recommended by a third party. The consultant's database will reflect that the inviter's experience is not first hand.

By inviting a consultant, a foundation does indirectly communicate to other foundations that it deems this consultant to be trustworthy, and as a result these foundations may then also contract this consultant. This is one of the main advantages of membership for a consulant. But it also means that such invitations cannot permanent and may be withdrawn if the foundation is no longer satisfied with the consultant, at its discretion. This means the consultant’s profile will be deleted from the system. Some caveats however:

  • Foundation members are experienced in capacity building. They understand that negative feedback from a grantee about a consultant does not mean that the consultant is not good. They understand that there are many reasons for a consulting mission to go wrong: mismatch in working personality, wrong timing, the nonprofit not ready for change, and so on.
  • The foundation will talk to the consultant before withdrawing the invitation, to understand the consultant's perspective. If there was indeed issues with the quality of the consultant's performance, the consultant may be given a chance to offer solutions that solve these issues and avoid the invitation being withdrawn.
  • Nonprofit Builder will ask the consultant if the process was fair before deleting the consultant.

These rules may evolve in the future. In particular, we would like expand the invitation system so that large nonprofits can also invite consultants, or so consultants may recommend their peers.


5. Contracting and fees


Membership is absolutely free of charge for all consultants. They do not pay any fees. 

Similarly, if a foundation or a nonprofit or a grantee contracts a consultant, it is a direct bilateral relationship between those two parties. Nonprofit Builder is not involved and does not charge any intermediary fees. 

The situation is different for the Probono service. Here, it is the Nonprofit Builder that is contracting the consultant. The Nonprofit Builder coordinates the work, assesses the satisfaction of the grantee, and pays the consulant. The Nonprofit Builder


6. Personal data: your rights as a consultant


We intend to comply with the laws and best practices on personal data. As we are based in Switerland, we are bound, Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Ordinance. With regards to consultants based in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also applies to us.

How does this relate to you as a consultant: 

  1. You control all personal data that relates to you. You can edit your profile, and request for it to be deleted if you wish. 
  2. We do not hold any personal data about you that you cannot access. If we ask a grantee for an assessment of your services, we share this assessment with you in all transparency.
  3. On our systems we do not store data about you that is potentially sensitive: bank details, health information, religious or political beliefs, etc.

Please note that our communication system uses a tracker pixel to detect whether you have opened an email or not. For example, if a foundation sends you a TOR via our system, they can see if you have opened your email. This is in your interest, so they can send you a reminder if you missed it. Other than that, we do not track your visits to the Nonprofit Builder.

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal data, please write to the Data Protection Officer, Daniel D’Esposito; he can be reached at [email protected]


7. Owner, administrators, legal domicile and applicable law

The Nonprofit Builder brand and website are owned by Imaginate Solutions Sàrl (LLC under Swiss law, based in Coppet, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. The legal domicile for any litigation is the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. The applicable law is therefore Swiss civil law.  The administrator and contact person is Daniel D’Esposito, and he can be reached at [email protected]

8. Changes to the User Agreement


All users will be notified by email of any change to this User Agreement, with at least 30 days notice. Changes will also notified on the Nonprofit Builder website.


9. Contact us


The contact person for all requests and questions related to personal data should be directed to Daniel D’Esposito, at [email protected]

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