Our mission

We make it easy for social and environmental change organizations to access high-quality support, so they can refine strategy, manage change and growth, and develop their leaders - to make the world a better place.

We bring together

A global community of consultants and coaches specialized in mission-driven organizations.

Philanthropic foundations sup porting their grantees in their mission.

Grantees making important changes happen but needing flexible support.

Our story

Since 2017, we have grown from a volunteer initiative into a small and dynamic team. Anna Kondratyuk joined as first full time employee in 2021 and became executive director in 2022, bringing a decade of experience managing executive education (she now co-owns the Nonprofit Builder along with Daniel!). After working on a volunteer basis for five years, Daniel D’Esposito was finally hired early 2023 to focus on partnerships, communications and technology. Nataliia Sharnina leads our monitoring and evaluation and quality assurance, and Nassir Katuramu coordinates our work for the Segal Family Foundation and our work in Africa more generally.

Technology is also a key enabler for us. We started off with a simple Wordpress website from which we fashioned a consultant directory. We quickly outgrew that and now we are developing our custom CRM to managed all aspects of the capacity building support: browsing, matching, contract approval, payments, feedback. We work with a tech company called Misija in Sarajevo, in particular, Ajla Bazdar, an amazing developer who we consider part of our team, and Dino Hajric, the founder, who generously provides his best insights to our project.

Do you want to learn more about our story and all the people and organisations who contributed to it? Then read the Nonprofit Builder: a story of co-creation


Meet our team

Daniel D’Esposito

Founder and President

Founded the Nonprofit Builder in 2017, with a clear mission: make capacity building easier and more effortless for everyone involved: for nonprofits benefiting from the learning process, for specialized experts supporting nonprofits and for foundations running the programs

Anna Kondratyuk


Nonprofit Builder’s CEO, joined in 2020. She brings 15 years of experience working on leadership positions in higher education institutions, designing and organizing professional and continuing/executive education and training, as well as quality assurance and methodology of adult learning.

Natalia Sharnina

Capacity Building Coordinator

Natalia Sharnina joined the team as Capacity Building Coordinator in 2022. She interacts with grantees and consultants, coordinates all capacity building consultancy work, and keeps all activities running smoothly. She is also a talented yoga trainer!

Ajla Baždar

Software developer

Our software developer and takes care of our lovable CRM, continually improving it. She works for the amazing Misija company in Bosnia, who we also consider part of our global team. They work tirelessly to bring together philanthropic foundations, their grantees and world class experts to build capacities in social change organizations that allow us all to live on a better planet in the future.

The values we swear by


Nonprofit Builder is dedicated to the nonprofits we work for, valuing deep and long-term relationships, while giving them our best personal attention, and providing them with custom solutions that really work.


We offer diversity in approach, culture, geography, and language that matches the diversity of the grantees we serve, who often want an expert who understands their context.


We see our foundation clients as true partners and co-create the services with them. Each foundation that joins brings us ideas and opportunities to grow.


We are always improving, exploring, adapting and agile - relentlessly committed to quality service.

We offer packages to suit all needs and all budgets, from directory-only access, to capacity building for a few selected grantees, to managed capacity building for your whole portfolio.

Reach out and let's find the best way of working together.

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