Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy



Safeguarding is the responsibility that an organisation has to ensure that their employees and volunteers, partners, vendors, operations and programmes do no harm to children, young people or vulnerable adults (together referred to as ‘vulnerable people’ under this policy); that they do not expose them to the risk of discrimination, neglect, harm and abuse; and that any concerns the organisation has about the safety of vulnerable people within the communities in which they work, are dealt with and reported to the appropriate authorities. It is also the responsibility that the organisation has for protecting its employees and volunteers when they are vulnerable, for example, when ill or at risk of harm or abuse.


Child protection is a central part of but not separate to safeguarding. It is the process of protecting individual children identified as either suffering or at risk of significant harm as a result of abuse or programme of work. It also includes measures and structures designed to prevent and respond to abuse.


Risk Analysis 


The main risk factor for the Nonprofit Builder comes from its position as an intermediary, brokering services of consultants and consulting firms on behalf of foundations and their grantees, and introducing them to these foundations and their grantees. This may lead to consultants and sub-contractors coming into contact with children and other vulnerable persons, opening the possibility of abuse. Not all these consutlants and consulting firms may have the appropriate measures and safeguards in place, as safeguarding is still a relatively new protective framework. 


For this reason, the Nonprofit Builder has a duty to maintain a vigilance for situations where children or other vulnerable persons may be victims. The Nonprofit Builder will also take a pro-active stance, alerting the consultants and contractors on the risks of abuse and the importance of having a safeguarding policy. The Nonprofit Builder maintains a directory of safeguarding consultants who can advise consultants and contractors accordingly. Furthermore, this policy will be included in all contracts that the Nonprofit Builder signs with consultants and other contractors.




All employees, volunteers, consultants, agency staff, sub contractors, partner organisations and visitors are obliged to follow this policy and maintain an environment that prevents exploitation and abuse and which encourages reporting of breaches of this policy using the appropriate procedures.


All people working with or for the Nonprofit Builder will:


  • Read, understand and adhere to this policy
  • Strive to promote a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse in all working environments
  • Strive to develop relationships with all stakeholders which are based on equality, trust, respect and honesty
  • Place the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable people above all other considerations
  • Report any concerns they may have about the welfare of a child or vulnerable person
  • Report any concerns they may have about the behaviour of a VSO representative in relation to
  • In a one-to-one situation with a child or young person, where privacy and confidentiality are important,
    try to make sure that another adult knows the contact is taking place and why. If possible ensure
    another adult is in sight and that the child or young person knows another adult is around


All people working with or for the Nonprofit Builder will not:


  • Sexually harass, assault or abuse another person
  • Physically harass, assault or abuse another person
  • Emotionally abuse another person, such as engaging in behaviour intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade
  • Condone, or participate in behaviour which is abusive, discriminatory, illegal, or unsafe
  • Develop, encourage or fail to take action of relationships with children or other vulnerable people which
    could in any way be deemed sexual, exploitative or abusive
  • Act in ways that may be violent, inappropriate or sexually provocative
  • Agree with a child to keep a secret which has implications for their safety or the safety of other young


Designated Safeguarding Officer


Designated safeguarding officers are responsible for handling reports or concerns, about the protection of vulnerable people, appropriately and in accordance with the procedures that underpin this policy. 


The Designated safeguarding officer for the Nonprofit Builder is Anna Kondratyuk, who leads all consulting work. If you have any abuse or concern to report, please write to her at 

Use of images of children


Nonprofit Builder has a policy not to use any names, images, including photographs and recordings of children as part of its promotion, or store any personal data relating to children.


Last updated: 24 September 2021


Aknowledgement: This policy has borrowed elements from the policy of VSO, which is available online here.