A Capacity Building Platform for Organizations Bringing About Social and Environmental Change

Nonprofit Builder connects foundations and grantees with experts to create a frictionless capacity building experience.

From Idea to Impact in
Four Fast steps

We help foundations, and their grantees identify their needs and the best way forward to make a big difference quickly.

A global community of
capacity building consultants

Over 150 individual consultants and small consulting firms, carefully selected, dedicated to serving nonprofits and social enterprises

  • We work closely with them, so we can match them to the grantee and project where they can perform at their best.
  • They cover every expertise you may need… strategy, communications, financial management, fundraising, leadership - but also niche and emerging topics.
  • They come from all over the world, offering a unique diversity in approach, culture, geography, and language.

Areas of expertise

Choose area of expertise in order to find right consultant for your needs

  • CoCriar – Tamara Rezende de Azevedo

  • Manas Bhattacharyya

  • Pulso Público

  • ASK Training & Learning

  • Daryl Upsall International

  • CALD (Center for African Leadership Development)

  • Asian Leadership Institute Consultancy (ALI-C)

  • Mark Allison


Some of the organizations we've served

  • Outrage + Optimism

  • Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)

  • AktivAsia

  • Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute (AFII)

  • NEXT Group

  • People of Asia for Climate Solutions (PACS)

  • Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND)

  • Shimmy Technologies Inc.

  • World Green Building Council

  • All Survivors Project

  • Unicef UK


  • Distribute Aid

  • The 1k Project for Ukraine

  • Right to Protection


  • LOGS Romania

  • NOMADA Association

Foundations that
trust us

Foundations that trust us

Join our global community and grow your impact!

Are you a Philanthropic foundation?

You are a visionary foundation tackling very significant global social and environmental challenges.

You have invested in wonderful grantees who are testing groundbreaking ideas, and beyond your funding, you want to offer them leadership and management support so they may succeed to their true potential.

For philanthropic foundations, we provide:

  • Full management of capacity building programs to ensure a frictionless learning experience
  • Customized support for your grantees to help them in their unique situation
  • Access to a global pool of proven experts who specialize in supporting social value organizations make a global change

Make changing the world easier for your grantees .

Are you a Social change organization?

You are driven to achieve significant national or global impact.

You strive for excellence in leadership but as you succeed, you need to manage your growth, focus your strategy and develop your leadership to create a sustainable and resilient organization that can change the world.

For social change organizations we provide:

  • Full management of flexible support formats from trusted consultants so you can realize your true potential
  • A pragmatic approach to resolve pressing challenges quickly
  • Access to high-quality support totally free of charge (your foundation covers the cost)

Nonprofit Builder support is available for free to the grantees of our participating foundations.

Get the support you need without the stress and hassle

Are you a Top-class consultant?

You are committed to working with mission-driven organizations and hold yourself to the highest quality and professional standards.

You provide actionable support and want to reach more social change organizations to support them in their work.

For top-class consultants we provide:

  • Full management of easy access to a wide range of social change organizations for meaningful collaborations
  • A simple and quick process to match you with grantees you'll enjoy working with
  • Prompt payments and clear contracts so you can focus on delivering quality

Learn more and apply to join the pool of high-quality consultants

How was the Nonprofit Builder created?

The Nonprofit Builder's story started in 2017 with a simple yet clear mission.

The founder, Daniel D'Esposito, had 20 years of nonprofit experience in his backpack, and having learned the job the hard, slow and painful way, he wanted to make it easier and faster for future leaders to learn how to build effective organizations.

How could this be made simpler and more accessible?
From that question, the idea was born.

Read our story and meet the team

Reach out and let's find the best way of working together.

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