High-quality, personal, and frictionless capacity building support for nonprofits worldwide.

We serve foundations, nonprofits and social enterprises that are at the forefront of climate action and social change.

We provide them with bespoke, high-quality, and frictionless organizational development support, to help them get better results more quickly.

Why do foundations hire us?

Through Nonprofit Builder, foundations can offer high-quality, bespoke organizational development support to all their grantees, wherever they are in the world, on any topic, with local consultants who understand their context.

  • Our network of vetted consultants is truly global so we can offer experts who understand the context of your grantees and speak their language.
  • In our pay-what-you-consume model, you only pay when grantees use consultants. And we agree on rates with our consultants which are fair for everybody.
  • We offer you a fully managed capacity building service: needs assessment calls with your grantees, matching them with consultants, drafting the statements of work, check-ins and quality assurance, contracting and payment of consultants, collecting feedback, financial management and reporting to you as the funder.
  • Your grantees will receive personalized & bespoke support, starting from our one-on-one needs assessments. We will develop a deep understanding of their aspirations and needs as we accompany them on their journey.

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What do 400+ nonprofits & grantees love about us?

Our flexible support formats offer valuable assistance without imposing additional burdens on already busy grantees.

  • Grantees are in the driving seat. As a grantee, you set the priorities, you choose your consultants (and can even bring your own). You can work simultaneously or consecutively on several organizational priorities.
  • We work hard to connect you with really amazing consultants and coaches, with whom there is a high likelihood of a successful collaboration and a perfect match.
  • We make the support process frictionless, so the you can focus on your learning and organizational development. We ensure you get the right outcomes.
  • The support is 100% free. Your foundation will cover the cost of the services you use, through us. You won't need to use your own funding.

We work with 400+ grantees, from all continents and all cultural groups. Most work on climate change, sustainable economy, health and education, and serving vulnerable populations such as migrants. Many are young or intensely growing organizations.

What support do we provide to nonprofits & grantees?

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Some of the grantees we serve



  • Louisiana Organization for Refugees and Immigrants -LORI

    United States

  • New Economics Foundation

    United Kingdom

  • Carboun

    United Kingdom

  • iStories


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400+ consultants from all over the world!

Our global network of consultants allow us to offer an amazing diversity of approaches, methods, and contextual experience, so we can find just the right match.

Our consultants are referred to us by the foundations, their grantees and sometimes other consultants. They are experienced in working with nonprofits and driven by nonprofit values.

For most of them their work is a vocation. They have their own techniques and methods, and provide targeted support with quick results. We seek consultants who are very responsive and have a client-serving attitude.

Collectively they cover all the topics needed by our grantees, from strategy, communications, leadership, etc. to more niche areas e.g. safeguarding, diversity and inclusion, digital design, facilitation, etc.

Why our consultants love working with us:

  • As a consultant, we provide you with engagements where you will shine, exercise your strongest talents and work in your zone of genius.
  • Our processes are frictionless: you meet the grantee, you write up a statement of work, we get it approved, and you can start. No wasting time bidding for RFPs. And we pay promptly!
  • We give you the opportunity to develop your skills, expand your scope and reach, work in new regions and for new foundations.

We are searching for consultants from Asia.

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Meet some of our consultants

  • Andres Trujillo


  • Verónica de la Fuente


  • Mirna Ghannam


  • Alethea Business Solutions

    South Africa

  • Christophe Bela D Horvath


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Our support formats

  • Consulting projects: Focused and result oriented, can be for strategic change or tactical support. They are rather brief, from 20 hours to 8 days of consultant time, and spread over one to six months, to adapt to a pace that suits the grantee.
  • Training courses: Our courses will take participants on a learning journey through four interactive online workshops. Intimate group sizes of 6-12 participants ensure personalized attention and meaningful interaction. Participants work on "tangible takeaways" that support organizational implemention after the course.
  • Executive coaches: Every winning athlete has a coach, and every impactful nonprofit executive should have an executive coach! Our coaches are experienced, certified, and come from all over the world.
  • Capacity coaches: These are experienced "generalist" consultants, work as mentors for first-time executive directors, or as thought partners for experienced leaders who find it "lonely at the top" and appreciate an external adviser to reflect on decisions.

Join our global community and grow your impact!

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Our team

At the heart of Nonprofit Builder is a small and highly dedicated team who take pride in providing grantees with the best possible support.

  • Anna Kondratyuk

    Switzerland / Chief Executive Officer

  • Nataliia Sharnina

    Ukraine / Capacity Building Coordinator

  • Natasha Umuhoza

    Uganda / Coordinator for Africa

  • Joelle Gerges

    Cyprus / Finance Officer

  • Nguyễn Trang Ly (Lyn)

    Vietnam / Capacity Building Coordinator for Asia

  • Ayebare (Viola) Oprah

    Uganda / Capacity Building Assistant

  • Sally Wangui

    Kenya / Consultant Support Assistant

  • Christine Meggan Nyakwaka

    Kenya / Consultant Support Assistant

  • Joan Gekonde

    Kenya / Capacity Building Assistant

  • Ajla Bazdar

    Bosnia and Herzegovina / Developer (via Misija.io)

  • Daniele D'Esposito

    Switzerland / Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


Our story The Nonprofit Builder started in 2017 with a simple yet clear mission.

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What nonprofits say about our services

We couldn’t have done it without Nonprofit Builder

“Nonprofit Builder has been crucial in supporting AktivAsia in successfully navigating the first year of our organizational development. Through it we have been introduced to some incredibly high caliber organizations that have provided key structural support as well as mentoring, clarity and strategic direction. We could not have achieved all that we have without the Nonprofit Builder, and I am eternally grateful to the professionalism and care of Anna, Daniel and the Nonprofit Builder team.”

Alex Ryan
@AktivAsia, Australia, partner of Tara Climate

A confidence boost for communications

“We had a thirst for learning, and Nonprofit Builder’s Action Learning Program provided us with a myriad of learning options. Thanks to the programme, I feel much more confident about communication and fundraising for our organization.

Leslie Alexander
@The NEXT Group, Korea, partner of Growald Climate Fund

Like an internal learning unit!

“The Nonprofit Builder has been (and continues to be) a fantastic resource for us. We are a relatively young organization with ambitious goals in many areas such as strategy, fundraising, communication and financial management. Discovering and eliminating our blind spots used to be time-consuming and frustrating but the Nonprofit Builder helped us streamline these processes! Cooperating with the Nonprofit Builder is like having our own internal learning and development unit. When we joined the ALP, members of our leadership team attended all the 90 min seminars. We also did a deep dive into overall strategy and fundraising strategy via customized workshops. All of this has helped us to learn fast and apply it in our work.”

Julia Solana and Joel Rache
@Center for Climate Crime Analysis (CCCA), Australia, partner of FILE Foundation

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