We are searching for capacity building consultants from Asia

Call for expressions of interest to join the exciting new Asian hub of Non Profit Builder, a fast-growing global enterprise that supports strategic capacity development in the nonprofit sector. 


Non Profit Builder works with foundations, nonprofits and social enterprises that are at the forefront of climate action and social change. Drawing on its database of outstanding consultants with proven experience and expertise, Non Profit Builder provides organisations with bespoke, high-quality and frictionless organisational development support, to help them get better results more quickly. This can be wherever they are in the world, with local consultants who understand their context, and in any work area.


The success of Non Profit Builder lies in its work model, and its smooth and efficient processes that make it easy for everyone – the foundations, the grantees, and the consultants – to meet their objectives.  


Why do consultants love working with us?
  • We provide you with engagements where you will shine, exercise your strongest talents and work in your zone of genius.
  • Our processes are frictionless: you meet the grantee, you write up a statement of work, we get it approved, and you can start. No wasting time bidding for RFPs. And we pay promptly!
  • We give you the opportunity to develop your skills, expand your scope and reach, work in new regions and for new foundations.

We are looking for both individual consultants and consulting firms from these countries: 


Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and Japan.


Interested candidates must be based in one of these countries, able to work there legally and speak the local languages.


We are looking for consultants with expertise in these areas: 
  • General OD consultants
  • Strategy, business planning
  • Operational planning, KPIs, systems and processes
  • Communications (strategy, storytelling, branding)
  • Fundraising
  • Financial management
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning MEL
  • Human resources, hiring, policies and staff manuals, compensation and benefits
  • Leadership, team building
  • Organisational structure, culture and roles
  • Legal (registration, taxation, status of employees working across borders)
  • Security (digital and physical security)


Ideally, interested candidates should have these attributes: 
  • Experience with the nonprofit world, civil society, NGOs
  • Established career as a professional consultant with some years of proven experience 
  • Deeply rooted in their local context, speaking local languages 
  • Firms or individuals are welcome to apply
  • Good work ethic, responsive, committed to quality
  • Practical, able to deliver targeted support with quick result
  • Evidence of innovative approaches, such as having developed their own methods and tools. 


If you are keen to be part of this growing enterprise please apply here:




Note: you will need to upload a motivation letter explaining why you will be a good fit, and describing your experiences consulting in the nonprofit sector. This is a very important part of your application and we’ll read it carefully!


Please note that it is not a full time employment, but being on a Roster with eventual purpose to receive individual ad hoc mandates to support grantees (nonprofit organisations) of our clients - philanthropic foundations. Many of them are based in Asia and work in the area of climate change and energy transition. 


All consultants we work with are paid for their work. A typical mandate would be from 20 hours of work to 5-8 consulting days of work, spread over 2-3 months. 


The Process: We are currently collecting and screening the CVs, and will do so till mid November 2023. Then we will start reaching out to the shortlisted candidates for interviews.  


Should you have further questions, email us via support@nonprofitbuilder.org


Thank you very much!