Probono Support - Terms of Service

The Probono Support is a quick consultation service that a Foundation can offer to its grantees via the Nonprofit Builder. The service allows the Foundation’s grantees/partners to contact any participating consultant for a quick consultation, to get advice on a question of organizational development. If requested by the grantee/partner, up to 18 additional consultation hours are possible.

The service is free of charge for the grantee/partner, in order to encourage use of expert services. In order to keep administrative red tape for the Foundation, the Nonprofit Builder pays the consultant directly and then presents the Foundation with a cumulative fee every x consultations or x months.

1. Process

  • The grantee/partner selects a consultant and fills in the contact form.
  • The consultant receives the form, reaches out to the grantee/partner to give the consultation. This consultation includes:
    • one hour call
    • a helpful follow-up email with advice, suggested next steps, and relevant reading.
  • The consultant notifies Nonprofit Builder when the consultation is completed.
  • The grantee/partner fills in an assessment form (see below).
  • The grantee/partner can request up to 18 additional hours (question included in the assessment form).
  • Nonprofit Builder pays the consultant once the consultation and assessment is completed.

2. Confidentiality


The consultation is confidential, meaning the details of the discussion remain between the grantee/partner and the consultant. The consultant may be asked to share an anonymised version of the helpful follow-up email, to add to a knowledge base.

3. Payment terms

  • For the current pilot period, there is a standard fee of 100 EUR/hour.
  • The first consultation is paid 200 EUR for two hours work: one hour for the actual call, one hour for preparation and writing the helpful follow-up email.
  • Up to 18 additional consultation hours are possible if requested by the grantee/partner, meaning a maximum of 20 hours in total.
  • Nonprofit Builder will pay the consultant once a consultation is completed. In case of multiple consultations, payments will be made on a monthly to save on banking fees.
  • Nonprofit Builder send a cumulative invoice to the Foundation, every 10 consultations during this pilot phase.
  • A management fee of 15% is be charged to the Foundation.

4. Assessment


As part of the process, both the grantee/partner and the consultant will be asked for a short assessment. The questions for the grantee/partner are:

  • To what extent would they recommend the consultant to their colleagues and peers? (scale of 1 to 10)
  • How can we improve the service? Information, process, choice of consultants, etc.
  • Does the grantee/partner need more consultation hours with this consultant?

The assessments is communicated to the consultant and to the Foundation (full transparency). It is understood that an evaluation may be unsatisfactory for reasons not related to the performance of the consultant. However a consultant that has repeated negative evaluations may be dropped from the service.

If you have questions about this service or would like to offer it to your grantees/partners, please contact