Work with meaningful projects and facilitate a bigger change in the world

As a top-class consultant, you’re well-placed to facilitate social and environmental change.

Through the Nonprofit Builder’s capacity building platform, you’ll gain access to a wide range of foundations, nonprofits and social enterprises who need support in your area of expertise and get to work on the cutting edge of social change.

We take the hassle and wasted time out of the experience: no lengthy painful biddings which lead to nothing. We match you with organizations you’re a great fit with and ensure prompt payments and simplified contracting.

And, the cherry on the cake, you can meet amazing peers, consultants like yourself who work with cause-driven organizations to learn from or network with.

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The Nonprofit Builder platform is built on trust and high-quality standards and works based on recommendations. To become one of our selected and trusted consultants, you’ll need a referral either from one of our member foundations or another consultant who is a member.

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