Support your grantees
on their capacity building journey

We work with vetted experts who are committed and used to working with nonprofits and social enterprises.

Our pool of experts covers every expertise from strategy, leadership development, managing growth and transition, communication and partnership, fundraising and communications and more.

Here are some ways we could support your grantees

One-to-one consultations for quick support or getting to know a consultant

Coaching packages, ideas for busy organizations or leaders to learn at a pace they can absorb

Guided projects for deeper change and transformation needs, guided by highly experienced experts

Webinars & video library for organization-wide learning on popular topics

More ease, more impact

Our mission is simple: to help philanthropic foundations support their grantees more easily to create a bigger impact.

To make the process smooth and guarantee results, we manage the capacity building process so the grantee can focus on learning.

We help you understand what kind of support would help you most right now, match you with tested and proven consultants that match your needs and take care of administrative details such as contracts, payments and quality control.

This is what grantees say

Support your grantees in change-making all while protecting your peace of mind

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