Develop your social change organization with our trusted consultants

The right kind of support can jumpstart your organization’s development - but where to find consultants and trainers that understand your needs and are capable of adapting to busy schedules and dynamically changing situations?

Nonprofit Builder connects nonprofits and social enterprises with consultants that use pragmatic approaches and have plenty of experience working with social change organizations.

Our global experts understand your needs and are trusted by other organizations like yours.

As a cherry on top, we take care of all the administrative work from contracting to invoices to quality control, so you can focus on learning and developing your organization.

And best of all, the support is free! Your foundation is kindly covering all costs, so you can focus on what you need without worrying about paying for it.

What we offer for nonprofits and social enterprises

One-to-one consultations for quick support or getting to know a consultant

Coaching packages, ideas for busy organizations or leaders to learn at a pace they can absorb

Guided projects for deeper change and transformation needs, guided by highly experienced experts

Webinars & video library for organization-wide learning on popular topics

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