Information for Nonprofits


We are here to help you reach your desired impact faster!


You are working on the forefront of positive social and environmental change. Our role is to support you in building the organisation that will achieve your goals and impact. We do so that by providing you with high quality consultants and coaches, who are experienced in working with nonprofits and social enterprises like yours. 


We cover all topics you may need help with. Of course we cover the "Big Five" most in-demand topics which are strategy, communications, fundraising, leadership, organisational structure and roles. But we also cover topics like hiring, wellbeing, staff compensation schemes, succession planning, financial planning, technology, security and more. Even within a core topic like communication we offer support in communication strategy, branding, storytelling, social media, communications tools and CRMs. The variety is phenomenal and grantees love this!


Our consultants and coaches come from all over the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, USA. You'll find someone who speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more languages, like Bahasa and Swahili. And they have experience working with organisations who work on human rights, migration, climate change, environmental conservation. So you'll find someone who understands you and the work you do.


Very important: you are in charge. You decide what priorities to work on, you choose the experts you want to work with, and you decide when to start. All these services are free for you: the costs are generoulsy covered by your foundation via our platform. So you don't have to use your own funding!


The support services include:

Consultant Support: Tailored assistance for organizational development projects, spanning strategy review, communications planning, staffing, and structural development. Reach out to any consultant in our dartabase fo a meeting, and if you wish to work with them, we'll hire them for you!

Leadership Coaching: Personalized guidance to help you lead confidently, make manage stress or work life balance, and empower your team. Every winning athlete has a coach, and every impactful nonprofit executive should have one too! Our coaches are experienced, certified, and come from all over the world.

Capacity Coaching: Is this your first time as executive director? Are you finding it lonely at the top? Our capacity coaches are experienced "generalist" consultants will be your "thought partner", to help you address various organizational challenges and priorities.

Training Courses: Engaging sessions on sought-after topics, facilitated by knowledgeable trainers. With intimate group sizes of 6-12 participants, you'll experience personalized attention and meaningful interactions with peers. And you'll leave the course with a "tangible takeaway" to make it easy to apply your new knowledge and skills.


These services are free for you if you are funded by one of the foundations on our home page! If this is not your case, reach out to you funders to ask them to join the Nonprofit Builder so you can also be included in the program. Contact us at if you have questions.