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Format & fees

- Seminar Program

- One-to-one consultations

- Executive coaching

- Needs assessment calls with NPB staff, close accompaniment

- Guided projects: 2-3 months, 5-7 days of consultant support


Total USD 5000-8000

Free for Grantee


- Initial consultation - 200 EUR (2 hours:1 hour a call and 1 h preparation and useful follow-up email with recommendations)


up to 20 hours of support (each next hour - 100 EUR). 

- coaching sessions (to total amount of EUR 2000)



Total EUR 2000 maximum

Free for Grantee










Action Learning Program: Nonprofit organizations working in the area of climate change: think tanks, research, policy and advocacy organizations, training, legal action, campaigning nonprofits. Geographies: predominantly Asia, North and South Americas, Canada, some organizations in Europe and Africa. Size: 3-20 staff on average.

Choose Love Program: nonprofit organizations serving refugees from the war in Ukraine. They are spread across the surrounding countries: Poland, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Greece.


Nonprofit organizations working locally and/or globally in the areas of sustainable economy, environment and human rights.



One-to-one Consultations or Coaching Roadmap

Guided projects roadmap

Consultant report after the guided project


One-to-one Consultations or Coaching Roadmap

User Manual for Consultants

Sample Report (after the support)


Sample Proposal/Workplan



SOW/Proposal sample






Option for the consultants to be contacted by grantees via NPB CRM


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Yes, all your requests are here