Welcome to the Action Learning Program's seminar program! Registration is open to everybody from organisations funded by Growald Climate Fund, European Climate Foundation / Tara, Energy Transition Fund, File Foundation. For your convenience, the seminar times are set to display your own time zone.

Date & Time Title Speaker Outline Actions
08.Sep.2022. 07:00
Steering your way through stormy seas: How strategy can help combat overwhelm Katherine Rake and Lakshmi Sundaram Handouts
21.Sep.2022. 07:00
Governance as a catalyst for change Bob Thust Handouts
22.Sep.2022. 06:00
Compensation and benefits solutions for your globally distributed teams Rachel Gibbs Handouts
06.Oct.2022. 06:00
Partnerships and Co-creation: nonprofit scaling strategies for bigger impact Nassir Katuramu Handouts
20.Oct.2022. 07:00
Working within multicultural teams: challenges and solutions Verónica De la Fuente Handouts
03.Nov.2022. 08:00
Set up and audit your social media strategy Pauliina Rasi Handouts