Welcome to the Action Learning Program's seminar program! Registration is open to everybody from organisations funded by Growald Climate Fund, European Climate Foundation / Tara, Energy Transition Fund, File Foundation. For your convenience, the seminar times are set to display your own time zone.

Date & Time Title Speaker Outline Actions
16.May.2022. 07:00
Financial Management and Resilience John Cammack Handouts
24.May.2022. 05:30
Build a convincing and powerful pitch to maximise your fundraising actions Abena Lilian Lauber Handouts
09.Jun.2022. 06:00
Helping Performance Management to Perform Hilary Claire Frazer Handouts
23.Jun.2022. 01:00
Managing complex transitions Dana Brinson Handouts
07.Jul.2022. 07:00
Governance as a catalyst for change Bob Thust Handouts
21.Jul.2022. 00:00
Brave New Work: Changing How You Change Tabea Soriano, the Ready Handouts
18.Aug.2022. 01:00
How to set up a monitoring system - the 7 steps of INSAD Valentina Zendejas Moheno Handouts