Welcome to the Action Learning Program's seminar program! Registration is open to everybody from organisations funded by Growald Climate Fund, European Climate Foundation / Tara, Energy Transition Fund, File Foundation. For your convenience, the seminar times are set to display your own time zone.

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The Key Stages of Fundraising Cycle

Abena Lilian Lauber /

Financiamiento de organizaciones de la sociedad civil

Fernando Frydman

Business planning fundamentals / Asia session

Arjav Chakravarti / Svarya

The sharp end of strategy / Asia session

Andreas Wettstein / Agility 3

El objetivo final de la estrategia / Americas session

Andreas Wettstein / Agility 3

Building A Strong Social Brand – The Four A’s Brand Framework

Evan Wanjiru, Kevin Brown / Mighty Ally

Construyendo una marca social sólida: el marco de las cuatro A

Evan Wanjiru, Kevin Brown / Mighty Ally

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning: Methods and Frameworks /Asia session

Natalia Kiryttopoulou

Monitoreo, evaluación y aprendizaje que funciona / Americas session

Natalia Kiryttopoulou

Canvas para recaudación de fondos / Americas session

Trang Nguyen, Subhankar Chatterjee / Civil Society Academy

Recruitment in the Nonprofit Sector / Asia session

Lisa Garson / Action Appointments

Contratación en el tercer sector / Americas session

Lisa Garson / Action Appointments

Building successful teams, talent retention / Asia session

Rahul Balakrishnan / Arthan Careers

Engagement and Effective Teams / Americas session

Christina Taylor / Learn to Grow

Compromiso y equipos eficaces

Christina Taylor / Learn to Grow

Nonprofit Data Management Technologies: Tips for Successful Acquisition, Setup, and Deployment

David Dunn / The Undaunted, LLC

Tecnologías de administración de datos para el tercer sector: consejos para adquisición, configuración e implementación exitosas

David Dunn / The Undaunted, LLC

Virtual team leadership

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

Liderazgo de equipos virtuales

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

Entrenando a su equipo a través de la crisis

Camille Gallie / Open Briefing

From crisis management to crisis leadership: Coaching your team through a crisis

Camille Gallie / Open Briefing

Evaluaciones de riesgos de seguridad: un proceso sistemático para comprender y reducir el riesgo

Michel Gonzalez Brun / Open Briefing

Elementos esenciales de seguridad digital: Securizando tus dispositivos y servicios virtuales, por Susana Sanz / Open Briefing

Susana Sanz / Open Briefing

Security risk assessments: A systematic process for understanding and reducing risk

Michel Gonzalez Brun / Open Briefing

Digital security essentials: Securing your devices and online services

Susana Sanz / Open Briefing

Personas y Cambio Organizacional

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

People and Organizational Change

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

Maximice su impacto con la comunicación estratégica

Dietlind Lerner

Maximize your Impact with Strategic Communication (Asia session)

Dietlind Lerner

Financial Management and Resilience

John Cammack

Build a convincing and powerful pitch to maximise your fundraising actions

Abena Lilian Lauber

Helping Performance Management to Perform

Hilary Claire Frazer

Navigating Transitions: What to seek, what to avoid and how to ask for help

Dana Brinson

Building Strong Boards

Julia Burns

Brave New Work: Changing How You Change

Tabea Soriano, the Ready

Introduction to Project Evaluation

Valentina Zendejas Moheno

Steering your way through stormy seas: How strategy can help combat overwhelm

Katherine Rake and Lakshmi Sundaram

Compensation and benefits solutions for your globally distributed teams

Rachel Gibbs

Partnerships and Co-creation: nonprofit scaling strategies for bigger impact

Nassir Katuramu

Basics of Conflict Management, or How to have better conflicts!

Andrea Chakravartti

Set up and audit your social media strategy to reach the right audience

Pauliina Rasi

Working within multicultural teams: challenges and solutions

Verónica De la Fuente